J Thomas Stokkeland

IT Engineer with proven leadership skills

Information Technology

I worked on a lot of things - this a very limited and quick notes-page, and is a work in progress... likely forever

Cloud and SAAS

The word cloud has been abused left and right - to me cloud means a resilient all inclusive infrastructure platform that provides everything in one service. Nearly everyone uses cloud in one way our another

I have worked on multiple public cloud systems; AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Azure is where I have spent the most time, working on a current project (2018-2019) of becoming a SAAS provider, services to include full HA and DR options.

On the private cloud side I have done some research and testing, Ubuntu and Openstack, but at this time the focus is entirely on how to connect the enterprise and public cloud, keeping data secure and risk of down time to a minimum.


Cisco, F5, Force10, HP, Citrix, etc. Have deployed new Core and Datacenter Leaf and Spine architecture, 40Gbps distribution/mesh with 10Gbps system connectivity. Fiber, Twinax, Copper.

Finished implementing a new Cisco 6840 core for my local infrastrtucture (Dec 2017).

On the WIFI side i have deployed multicampus (Cisco) networks, as well and industrial/manufacturing deployments.
Some of the cool stuff is firewalling - my favorite firewalls are made by Palo Alto Networks, but I worked on a bunch, Cisco ASA, Checkpoint, Juniper, Fortinet, Sonicwall, OpenBSD & Linux based, MS-ISA/TMG, and more...

Currently (2019) planning a small Aruba deployment for QA network purposes.


iSCSI, FC. EMC, Compellent, IBM, Lefthand, Equallogic, and open source

Finished a project deploying EMC Unity and Data Domain in 2018, with DR additions coming in 2019


VMWare, Citrix, Oracle/VirtualIron, Linux/KVM.

Finished a full technology refresh project in 2018, VMware on Cisco UCS


I have been at the root of implementing, replacing, and upgrading ERP and MRP systems - to be clear though, I did not run he projects from a business perspective, I was responsible for technical and infrastructure. In my opinion, IT should NOT own the overall project, as it must be business focused and not technology focused - I simply help finding solution and making sure it works. The hardest part is actually ahead of time, specifying and planning everything without going overkill and not forgetting anything.
MS Dynamics AX, MS-Dynamics NAV, Epicor/DataFlo, Macola (ERP/MRP, Pervasive/Btrieve), FundWare (Blackbaud).
So I have a fair amount of experience with these things - especially in spotting what doesnt work, such as making sure someone isn't trying to do things their own way because they dont like change.

Other major applications include CRM, Support/Service systems (RT, OTRS, Jira, etc), Web sites/Web Applications incl custom projects, monitoring systems, records management, ++

All the underlying infrastructure, like datases etc I consider systems (below).


Windows, Linux, UNIX

MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-Exchange, Sharepoint, IronPort, OpenDNS, Qualsys, Websense, BES, + + + +


Implemented commercial solitions on multiple campuses, Shoretel Integrated with Nortel (Avaya) Option 11.

For QA and Certification testing i have Set up multiple Cisco UCM, as well as Avaya Aura, using VM's for eveyrthing but the SBC.

On the open source side things I have spent a lot of time with Asterisk and Asterisk based systems (FreePBX, TrixBox, ++), I prefer Asterisk plain and add my own stuff, but it can become a hassle to manage if it is to be used like a general phone system. I have touched on some other ones, like FreeSWITCH and OpenSIPS, but i always come back to Asterisk for some reason or another.

Along with VOIP/SIP comes networking of course, firewalling and qos, and often WIFI - devices like iPhones arent exactly optimized for WIFI voice.

Don't have a controller? Don't deploy voice on WIFI. Period.

Project management

I have done my share of projects - some of them could probably be considered programs, such as a full multi-campus infrastructure upgrade, building out fiber optic networks, replace all network hardware,including wifi and LAN/WAN, virtualization/storage, and replace phone systems. I have performed multiple server-room/datacenter moves, office moves, and business migration/renaming related projects. Other projects include custom web applications, technical side of ERP systems, A/V/Net/Conf auditoriums, telecom feature development, load balancing, cloudification, and more.



Text editors



PHP, Perl, Python, Bash, vbscript, PowerShell, cmd.
(i)Regular Expressions.