Jon Thomas Stokkeland

IT leader with strong infrastructure background

Hat Born in Norway in 1972, Moved to USA in 1999, now living in Candia, New Hampshire - have a small home network - working on obtaining a place in warmer climate, further south or out west. I have a degree in what was then (1993) called "Automation and Mechanics", but has later been named Mechatronics. 27 Years of Professional experience, starting in electrical engineering (Automation/controls/robotics), and 21 years in IT Engineering, projects and management.

In the world of IT i've done the whole Geordi La Forge, from Netware to Windows Server 2019, Punch Cards to SAN, v.22bis to QSFP+, cloud deployments, and so much more... I have done a lot of hands on in the world of technology, as well as managing staff and projects.

I started in industrial process and production integration and monitoring - then moving into infrastructure and systems - and then lately into development and implementation in healthcare. Focus now is on security/compliance/risk, cloud and becoming SAAS provider, infrastructure, specialty VOIP, mobility - and a bit of everything else.

On the industrial/controls side I have worked on Anything from PLC/HMI projects with a few I/O, to larger distributed systems and production lines, from Relays to EtherIP, from DCS to NRT, and so forth.

gun Control systems integration has become mainstream in the last few years, automating plant data to integrate with business/ERP systems. Manufacturing environment, or even just processing facilities like a water treatment plant, all contain a lot of data that can be recorded, the tough part is weeding out the useful information, and creating reports and/or alarms that make sense - I have seen a lot of useless nice looking reports over the years.

I Believe my strength is the ability to see the overall picture and staying focused on the right details, troubleshooting and problem solving, and finding the balanace between path of least resistance versus the by-the-vendor-book solution. Understanding the business and applicable technology, a certain degree of overkill is needed to assure future ability and longviety, but you don't need a V8 to run a Mini Cooper - if you think the Mini will need to be replaced before it's capital depreciation period, then lease it.

Laptop_Dude I am a bit of a geek, but not the complete a-social nerd that some may think of when they hear the word. My diplomatic/people skills, combined with my technical abilities, logical sense, and management experience, I know I could take on nearly any position within IT management. I do however have some requierements of my own; challinging, involve technology, some Linux/UNIX, general sense of humor amongst staff, and I need some hands on time. I don't want to get stuck producing and reading reports all day - variety is always a good thing, so medium to small environments usually suits me well.